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Welcome to Royal Latex Pvt. Ltd.

It is this very ethos that has shaped our vision over the years, unwavering attention to the need of our customers in India and abroad. Established in 1999, Royal Latex is a producer of high quality 60% of Centrifuged Latex HA and LA, Skim Crepe, RSS4, ISNR and EBC. Located in Kanjirappally amidst India’s largest rubber plantations, the state of the art factory possesses a production capacity of 6000MT annually.

The climate and the soil conditions in Kanjirappally, laterite and alluvial soil, rainfall of around 250 cm per annum, a temperature range of about 20°C to 34°C and atmospheric humidity of 80%, ensure that Royal Latex receives a consistent supply of the finest quality Field Latex, the raw material for the production of rubber.

Royal Latex is proud to proclaim itself a ecologically friendly company. Impact on the environment is controlled by a biological treatment plant that functions without the use of chemicals and reductants.

Timely delivery of consignments to customers the world over is ensured by dedicated transportation fleet and the proximity of the factory to Kottayam, the hub of the rubber industry in India and the port of Kochi on the south western coast of India.

Centrifuged Latex

Royal Latex manufactures Centrifuged Latex considered among the best in the world for a host of customers.

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Double Centrifuged Latex

Double Centrifuged Latex is highly purified Latex concentrate prepared by re centrifuging centrifuged latex that has been suitably diluted.

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Royal Latex HA

Royal Latex HA, Ammoniated Latex, is a high quality, high performance Latex. The primary applications for Royal Latex HA.

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Royal Latex LA

Royal Latex LA, Ammoniated Latex is high quality centrifuged Latex designed primarily for processes where low ammonia is preferred.

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Skim Crepe

The skin fraction that is a by- product of centrifuging process, has 3% - 4% rubber content. Such a low percentage plus an increased proportion of non rubber constituents demand that to recover the rubber.

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Processing of natural rubber into blocks using modern processing method is a notable improvement in rubber Industry.

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Ribbed Smoked Sheets

Produced exclusively from properly dried and smoked, coagulated rubber sheets by excluding block, cuttings, scrap, frothy, weak, heated, burnt, air dripped or smooth sheets and visually graded.

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