Message from Our Chairman

"I & the Royal Latex team invite you to explore the site and learn about us - our distinctive products and services.

As a company we have a culture of innovation and self-improvement. Continued success demands continuous innovation, adapting to the needs of our customers, using opportunities created by developments in technology and management practices, acts that endow resources with new capacities to create wealth.

We also seek to add value to our customers' processes far beyond just the products we sell them, and in so doing we become a more valuable business partner. It is this full orchestration of customer service that allows us to offer innovative, often proprietary, solutions that meet our customers' toughest applications.

The skills and talents of our management and employees coupled with our strategy to date, gives me confidence that we will further develop new opportunities for the Group which is proud of its history, but looks forward to a great future.

Royal Latex is proud to proclaim itself a ecologically friendly company. Impact on the environment is controlled by a biological treatment plant that functions without the use of chemicals and reductants.

Rijo Mathew
Managing Director