Royal Latex LA

Royal Latex LA, Ammoniated Latex is high quality centrifuged Latex designed primarily for processes where low ammonia is preferred. The ammonia content of LA latex does not exceed 0.29%. The preservation system in Royal Latex LA consists of a low ammonia concentration in combination with Tetramethylthiuram Disulfide (TMTD) and zinc Oxide. It is primarily used for the manufacture of dipped goods, coating adhesive and extruded rubber thread.

Dry Rubber Content, wt.% 60
Total Solids Content, wt.% 60.5 - 61
Alkalinity – ammonia, wt.% 0.6 - 0.78
Non Rubber Content, wt.% 0.5 - 1
Volatile Fatty Acid, wt.% 0.025
KOH No. 0.3 - 0.5
pH - Value 10.5
Mechanical Stability, sec. 800 - 1200
Coagulum, wt.% 0.002
Sludge, wt.% 0.004
Chemical Stability, sec 100
Viscosity, cps 50 - 100
Copper, ppm Trace
Manganese, ppm Trace
Odour after boric acid neutralization No putrefactive odour
Colour White